Take Me Furthur

hey im stoned, bored, talkative and friendly. someone should skype with me, if u dont like my personality, then just red-button-express my ass haha. im just bored, and it seems no one wants to skype with a stranger, haha. damn u chat roulette… i promise, my penis is well covered and in no way near my hand or the camera lmao

im bored, lets chat or ask me random shit : )

aw man…im super high and took my adderall kinda late today. now i just really wanna talk…. or ‘chat’ i guess, since text requires no voice. hell i could talk to myself..or write…but fuck that. i wanna talk to humans! dialog with another really gets my brain ‘firing on all cylinders’   

so…talk to me people! skype is an option also, or msg/ask me or whatever. lets exchange brainwaves!